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Problem Solver.

Hiring the wrong landscaper can cost you money, time and stress.

Don’t wait until the damage is done.

A Professional and Experienced Landscaper Who Actually Listens to Your Ideas.

It was in late 1993 when James Kearney started giving new life and maintaining homes and business properties all over Southwest Ohio. There’s a very simple reason if we’re still here after 24 years. We listen to you.

Landscaping you can trust

Serving South Western Ohio with pride for 24+ years

Licensed & Insured Crew

Locally Owned & Operated

Sustainably Focused

Expert Year-Round Care

Delivering You the Stunning Landscaping We’ve Promised.

There’s nothing more thrilling and satisfying to us than bringing your landscaping ideas to life in every single detail. But don’t just take our word for it. Let your project speak for itself.

Tailoring Your Mowing Contract.

We value your time and peace of mind. That’s why we will address every single conceivable issue in plain English before it becomes a misunderstanding. Honesty and transparency are the foundations of any long-term project we work on.

” I’ve been using Kearney’s for years and every project turns out beautiful! 

– Ashley Rohrbacher –

There’s No-One-Size-Fits-All In Landscaping.

But We’re the Closest Thing to It.

Whether you need to create a new private or commercial landscape, renovate or maintain an existing one, we’ll develop a personalized plan that fits your style and budget.


Give Your Neighborhood Something To Talk About.

Many of our new clients get in touch after they’ve seen their neighbour’s landscape we just finished working on. That’s because we work on residential projects with the same care and attention to detail we’d reserve for somebody in our family.


A Dazzling Business Facade, Season After Season.

If you’re a commercial property manager you know how stressful and chaotic working with several different landscaping contractors can be. We’ll save you the headaches and broken promises by being your single source service provider. Improve your property’s image and consistency, year-round.

” The best in Ohio!! 

– Damian Silver –

Above and Beyond Just “Landscaping”

We like to think we will be your partners and trusted advisors in solving any of your landscaping problems.

Landscape Maintenance and Management

Keep your lawn neat and pristine and increase the value of your property. We are just a call away, whether it’s 100° or 10° outside. We’ll keep your roof, driveway and foundation clear from snow, even in the coldest Ohio winters.

  • Mowing
  • Pruning
  • Snow Plowing and Ice Removal

Landscape Design

You give us your idea of a perfect lawn and we will deliver it. Let us get our hands dirty so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your new inspiring view every single day. We can create one-of-a-kind and incredibly attractive, annual and perennial planting beds.

  • Planting shrubbery, trees, and flower beds
  • Laying Sod/Seeding lawns

Landscape Renovation

Prevention is better than the cure. And while we’re at it, why not preventing in a way that is both functional and looks great? We can install your irrigation and drainage systems to reduce plant loss and diseases, enhance the chemical performance of your soil and provide you with a sustainable and efficient landscape. Our outdoor lighting installations will redefine your property with a new dimension, increasing its value and your safety.

  • Irrigation
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Installing & maintaining drainage systems

Interlocking Brick or Paver Stones Installation

Customize your landscape driveways, walkways and patios with unlimited combinations of shapes, sizes, prints and colors. You’ll benefit of a lower maintenance option and unique value addition to your curb appeal.

Above and Beyond Just “Landscaping”

We like to think we will be your partners and trusted advisors in solving any of your landscaping problems.

What’s next

When we begin working together on your landscaping project

Let's Meet & Share Ideas

We’ll brainstorm, and outline your needs with you.

We'll Craft Your Landscape Plan

Beautifully, uniquely, sustainability and on budget.

Deliver Your Dream Landscape

Our skilled team gets to work on making the dream reality.

Taken Care of Year-Round

We maintain everything for you, stress-free.

Embarking on a landscaping project can be daunting… or exciting!

It’s just a matter of who you work with and who you trust with your property’s care. Call us today so we can project new life on your landscape, just as you’ve dreamed of.